to the madness

this thing is helpful.  not a single soul has read it yet i feel as though i am getting release.

so the bottom line is we did our best and we were on track to maybe not ‘prosperity’ per se, but at least an attempted stability.  we saw what was happening and knew deep down that the boom days would not end well.  there were idiots, literal half-wits running around calling themselves ‘contractors’ and ‘developers’ with resumes -that if honestly representative -would include how many episodes of ‘flip this house’ they have watched.  it was repulsive.  am i envious of these people who sold themselves as something they were not, and walked away with cash in hand?  not really, just annoyed because now we are ALL paying the bill.  free money they called it, not cheap, free. because you were ‘guaranteed’ to make money on any piece of land, house or building because anyone could buy anything.  just buy and sell and make a killing.  just consider yourself ty pennington and build some piece of shit as cheap as you can and you will turn it around with the help of a realtor, and make some loot!.  after all if you weren’t in the title, mortgage brokerage or construction business, you were of course a realtor.  every waitress, carpenter, fishing guide, ski bum and store clerk was getting their real estate license because as i remember hearing a woman i knew who took her real estate license classes in 06 (who is once again waitressing)- ‘the market is hot! you can’t lose!  buy that 13 acres next to your place for 300k, It’s a no brainer!’  (said land is now owned by MERS or whatever bank they are representing, probably will be sold for 50k)

i do not want to act as if i was standing back observing the forthcoming explosion with some prescience and did not fall prey to any of it.  i did expand my business- not so much that i had to fold the second the market crashed.  i did take out some equity and help develop my wife’s small business with some not too expensive buildings on our land.  my business partner and i diversified into an excavation division of our company . so i by no means cannot say that i did not buy in to the game to some extent.  but i guess not enough to extinguish my financial existence within the first two and a half years of this Great Recession we find ourselves in.

but after approaching three years the madness has grown.


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