so it goes

well.  looks as if this could be the year.  don’t want to sound doomy or anything but we have managed to stay in business for three years since the acquisition of bear stearns.  i am proud of that, but much less positive that we can remain there.  we manged to build 2mil in 09, 4 mil in 10, and in 20eleven a solid 1.5mil till now- and it is seeming as if the faucet is just shutting off.  we have been lucky to be approached by folks who have a million or two cash in hand to build there dream home since the market implosion, but now it seems as if the folks calling are hoping to get construction loans and build- and as you know that just isn’t happening any more.  90 percent turn down rate for people who have asked me to put numbers to a project for a bank loan.  doesn’t mater how good their credit is.  the only reason that number isn’t 100% is because i had one client who thought it would be worth it to take out a construction loan for 400k, when he was putting down 800k.  thats right- he worte a check to deposit in the bank for 800k and they wrote him a construction loan for 400k.  pretty tough odds out there, but at least these pricks got thier bailout(s)


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