lay offs

laying people off is not easy.  last week we needed to lay off seven people, and today another five.  my guys are not just construction workers- they are incredibly talented craftsmen.  craftsmen with families.  craftsmen who will now go out and look for work that is not exactly easy to find.  craftsmen who will get a notice about thier ability to cobra their health insurance (i.e. pay it out of pocket for an extended period of time)  out of pocket with what?  i haven’t slept a decent nights sleep since september ’08 because of this constant hire/layoff cycle.  some of these guys will lose their homes, most of which built by thier own hands.  now a bank will take that sweat equity right out of thier hands and hearts.  these same banks that were not only bailed out but GUARANTEED by our tax dollars to account for such losses as my employees homes, that they are going to take from them without a mere thought.  is this just?  why are they held up and how sustainable is this system.  sure the idea that ‘maybe those guys shouldn’t have taken out a mortgage on the house they built?’, has some validity.  but maybe the banks shouldnt have been so derivative-hungry as to feed everybody else the money to do stupid shit with housing.  it would have been much more sustainable if growth were close to normal or slightly above.  these guys would most likely be working on monday.  but that is water under the bridge, it cant be changed.  but the fact that the banks are still being guaranteed for the ‘loss’ of the mortgages of these fine americans is sad as hell.  am i the only one who thinks this is beyond absurd?  what are they going to do with these guaranteed assets when they are worth something if ever? and if they are never worth anything are the banks going to remain guaranteed by our trusting gov’t (us)?


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