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Meaning, you the people.


You see, the largest single chunk of US Government debt is not held by China, or the Saudis, or by the bankers, but by the American people. Social Security is NOT an “entitlement”, nor is it “unfunded.” You have all been paying into Social Security your entire working lives. There is a little box on that pay stub for the separate withholding put into that trust fund. The Social Security trust fund “invests” your money by purchasing US Government debt. You, the American people, through Social Security, hold more US Government debt than anyone else. And now that the US Government has bankrupted itself saving Wall Street from the consequences of the mortgage-backed securities fraud, they don’t have enough money to cover their obligations.


That is right, the US Government is already in default, and they are looking for just who gets to eat the losses. If the US Government fails to send the bankers the 11th marble, the US Government’s credit rating will plunge. If the US Government fails to send payments to China, or the Saudis, or any other country, the dollar will collapse.


So, the US Government has decided to screw the American people; to embezzle their retirements to save the bankers.


Boehner is not going to call it “default” or “embezzlement.” He calls it sacrifice, to make you think you are doing something noble by bending over and spreading your ass cheeks while the US Government simply keeps the cash they borrowed from your Social Security payments.


Well, I have a message for Mr. Boehner.


Back when TARP was passed, We The People of the United States opposed using our tax money to save the bankers from going to prison for the mortgage-backed security fraud. In fact, 90% of Americans opposed TARP and every other bailout (actually buy-backs) passed by the Congress. But Congress defied the will of the people and spent the taxpayer money buying back the fraudulent mortgage backed securities (aka the Toxic Assets)  because Congress’ own investment portfolios were tied up with those Wall Street corporations that perpetrated the fraud! We The People warned you this course of action would lead to disaster, but you did it anyway. And now that you have spent some $27 trillion of the public’s money to save Wall Street from going to prison and your own retirement from going bust, you dare presume to ask We The People to “sacrifice” our retirement to fix the mess we warned you not to get into?


Fuck you, Mr. Boehner.


Fuck the US Congress that voted to use the people’s wealth to save the private bankers and now expect the American people to swallow the losses.


Fuck you, US Government.




Without lubricant!


2 thoughts on “from ‘what really happened’ blog. perfect

  1. I just discovered your blog via Zero Hedge. Great LTTE! Can I use it as well?

    Have you ever thought of building a rural ‘community’ of little houses for older, independent people? I’ve long dreamed of a ‘community’ that is off the grid as much as possible. People could garden and maybe raise chickens. Maybe there would be one larger house where people could gather for dinners and parties and canning.

    There seems to be a gap in ‘retirement’ housing….either it’s for the poor or it’s for the wealthy. Nothing for those who desire sustainable, independent living. A community for older hippies, I guess.

    I’m sorry you had to lay off workers…

    Fucking globalization.

    • whats an LTTE? sorry i am truly new to all this stuff. UPDATED RESPONSE Ahhh. an acronym, sure use it. just started rambling one day as a means of venting. i do agree with your retirement housing theory, but up here in the rockies, the retired only stay for a few months then go back to florida or arizona. a community for older hippies though- now that is an idea! they dont mind preparing for winter, and are awefully fun to be around at winter solstice parties!

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