a letter to the editor i wrote to my local small town rag

this is a response to a typical conservative/liberal back and forth that has been published in a small mountain town rag of late

We are being played.
The recent columns by the Tea Party folk and the following liberal
response are perfect examples of the degree to which we are all being
played.  I have to say that CNBC’s Rick
Santelli’s rant in September of ’08 -when ‘our’ government was successfully
lobbying to rescue the country’s too big to fail banks- screaming that we
needed to have a modern day tea party to deal with this government stewardship
of the private sector, was right on.  But
like so many good ideas, this movement has been usurped by the prostitutes we
call politicians and the elite pimps who benefit from their tricks.  Dick Armey and the Freedom Works clan
brilliantly saw an opportunity to grab the reins and create a ‘party’ to rally
against any sort of social legislation geared toward helping the common
folk.  Genius.

And what is the reasoning behind the spin of this
‘grassroots’ political movement funded through Freedom Works and other
organizations like Americans for Prosperity?
The debt crisis of course, a crisis that was not something to worry
about four years ago- under a fiscally responsible president like GWB who spent
money on foreign wars like a drunken frat boy on spring break in Cancun, and
grew the domestic side of government through entitlement reform and the
cancerous spread of all things making our homeland more secure.  Mr. Walsh is right in this respect, but to
fight over which administration is worse at this point is like arguing over
which serial-killer is really more demented, Jeffery Dalmer or the Zodiac

So now we have two positions being screamed loud and clear
all over the main stream media- the Tea Party republicans yelling about tax cuts
for the rich and smaller government, which is directly opposed to their thoughts
about “deficits don’t matter” (Dick Cheney)- and that in the name of protection
our ‘small’ government should have at least 1 million people working in the
homeland security and defense support areas.
And the democrats looking out for the little man seem to be okay making
sure big-pharma and insurance companies are doing better than ever under the
guise of health care reform.

But I don’t hear either party discussing what I consider to
be the true problem facing this nation which is the evolution of the greatest
kleptocracy in the history of the world.
The reason for this is because these same politicians are now (or long
to be) the very kleptocrats I speak of.
A kleptocracy is a political format that, loosely defined, is the
melding of corporate and public ‘servant’s’ interests, wherein each uses its power
to benefit the other and vice versa.  It
is a quid pro quo on steroids.

If you are a line-toeing party member of either of the
national parties you don’t like hearing this. In your mind your party, blue or
red, is looking out for you and your ideology.
I envy the fact that you can pick
one of two networks- Fox or MSNBC- and say “yup, this propagandist has it right”
90% of the time.  That is nice and simple.  You think that party propaganda spewed by
these talking heads is correct because they are speaking about the elected
officials that represent your party, and your party cares about your view of
the nation above all.  But all I ask is
that you look outside that box and do some research and follow the money.  Look at the fact that the person I thought
would go at the too big to fail banks with a vengeance during the presidential
campaign is getting even more money from Goldman Sachs this election cycle than
he did the last! So much for tough talk about transparency in the financial
sector, no wonder anti-banker talk was hushed the day after he was
elected.  Look into the fact that
military industrial, health care, and insurance interests are so generous to
your elected officials, and then think hard about the debt problem and where so
much money can be spent.

But I beg you to please
ask yourself, how are these ‘elected’ prostitutes going to spend less when the
pimps that own them want that money?  The
prostitutes also know they will be hired immediately the day they leave the
world of public ‘service’ to lucrative careers in the private sector, where
they are so knowledgeable of the streets they once ‘worked’ that they can find
some new public ‘servants’ to run tricks for them, and become a successful pimp

Sure we can vote them out, but for whom, the other parties
whore?  The corporations known as the
Democratic and Republican parties run the debate and election process and any
other contender is marginalized from the outset if they are not a member of the
big two or speak in tongues unapproved by the party establishment (e.g. Ron
Paul, Dennis Kucinich and Bernie Sanders).
It is both sides of the aisle that are paved with gold in our
representative republic we call a democracy, and we the citizen are the ones
who pay for the gold bricks they walk on.
Until we all wake up to this, we
are just yelling at each other as the financial sector, insurance companies,
defense contractors and so many other special interest groups run away with the
nation’s money, (i.e. your taxes and the debt to be paid by following
generations).  As the political parties
instigate our rage against each other to distract us, they hold the door open
for the looters and wait for their cut.



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