New Career

Still in business but having a hard time concentrating on building.  managed to keep our core seven guys busy- for now.  but there may be a change to the site in my effort to come to grips with what it is we are living through.  the lens of occupation is a good lens to view events through, but i feel as if the comments made after viewing through this lens needs to go elsewhere.  it’s not about builders or craftsmen but about the actual unraveling of societal fabric that holds the bottom 98% of our country together.  for it is us that are being screwed and the question needs to be asked- is any of this really fixable?  or are we kicking the can as we always do until eventually the entire system must come down to rebuild something better?  do we instigate this systemic breakdown?  what are the repercussions?  what are the repercussions of kicking the can?  will it just get worse as proclaimed by the like of ZH’s tyler durden, Karl Denniger, Gerald Celente, etc………..?

i’m at a loss.  i know if i didn’t have a wife and child to provide for (with credit cards for now) i would be out in a financial district’s streets at night looking for an investment banker to (non-violently) duct tape to a light post with a placard around neck proclaiming said person as one of the arsonists of a productive society.  or a political prostitute (congress person, aide, lobbyist) even better?  would it make the corporate news?

at what point do we as people being robbed turn the tide?

would it be better in the long run for our families if we did?


2 thoughts on “New Career

  1. In re “help, need suggestions” (

    I agree, regular people in this country are getting blasted — and it looks to keep getting worse.

    The construction trade is really getting “hammered”. The building in your title picture (that’s a nice, flat roof by the way) is the kind I would wire. I’ve done it all. Up until a few years ago, I wouldn’t even consider a job unless it was perfect for me (pay, location, hours, etc.) — and if it stopped being perfect, I would just leave and find something better in a week or two.

    Those days are not like now — where I’ll consider anything that’s even 1/3 of what I want.

    My suggestions:
    * Scale way back on everything.
    * Check things like Craig’s List for nearby jobs and gigs.
    * Take some time each day, to creatively brainstorm for ideas & consider plans for how to survive through this “downturn”.
    * Know that this won’t last forever.

    These have helped for me.

    Regarding the last one: at some point, 100 million working Americans are going to get sick of the stupid hole they’ve dug for themselves & are now living in — and something will change. They will want new houses like the one in your picture, or at least remodels of what they left unfixed for years. God help whoever stands in their way, at that point!

    As far as how this will happen, no idea as yet.

    Oh yeah, also:
    * Try to keep a positive attitude!
    It helps your stress levels & your health, and makes it easier to find & succeed in the opportunities that may come your way.

    Best wishes,

    • hope you are right phil and these are the ideas that have kept me going since 2008, but optimism is losing its steam three years out. at least i still have a roof over my head and a compnay to go to work to every day, but cant help wondering what shape the events will need to take to get us as a country back to ‘normal’. not boom time, but normal

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