The Machinist Speaks

Had a great conversation with a talented, educated machinist i know well and a union electrician i just met on a job site.

Scene: Conversation leads from lack of work to politics and the economy.  Machinist still a fan of Obama, electrician is as well because he is a card-carrying union member.  Madbuilder thinks the new boss is the same as the old boss (e.g. timmy geithner, no prosecutions of anybody responsible for the meltdown from his Justice Dept, Goldman giving more $ to his campaign for ’12 than they did in ’11…. can go on for hours)

Machinist: Madbuilder, your anarcho-syndicalist roots are showing and i think we should start a local union of all talented tradespeople in the valley, what do you think?

Madbuilder:  So it could become a very large corrupt organization/corporation like all the other unions in the country? no thanks.

Electrician:  that’s not fair, if it weren’t for the unions i wouldn’t have all the benefits i have now.  typical boss man eh?  bottom line before the workers.

Madbuilder: my employees have been treated well enough that when a shop steward came to one of our sites to talk to them about the carpenters union they ran him off.  so shove it.

Electricain:  well at least Obama is looking out for us union folk.  that’s enough for me.

Madbuilder: it doesn’t matter that he is in the pockets of Wall Street as long as he is in the pockets of the union bosses right?

Electrician walks away

Machinist: Gee.  some would say your distaste for the political system and the financial sector is getting borderline aggressive.

Madbuilder:  It is.



One thought on “The Machinist Speaks

  1. Nice conversation between an Electrician and Mad builder. This is really some enjoyable facts that you shared in this text. I have enjoyed all the topics you shared here. Thanks for allocation 🙂

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