after fishing for views on ZH, (pride be damned), i have gotten some response and have decided to go fishing once again- but this time for some commentary.  I figure there are a lot of us out there.  So called ‘E Myth-ers’ who have spent our lives in the trades, hoping to find a little slice of the American Dream by starting our own companies or trying to work up the ranks of someone elses company only to find ourselves asking-‘should i have gone to law school?’  or something like that.

i would like to start a conversation.  I would like to hear from anyone who wants to share a story about how the past six years of the largest greed to weeds era has effected you, you occupation and your world view.  And what is the future of this nations producers, and by that i mean those of us who actually create- not only tangible things but often times jobs for others.

if you are angry, scream.  if you are said, cry.  if you are happy because all your clients are VP’s at Goldman Sachs, gloat.

i will figure out how to convert a comment into a post- this stuff is new to me and i am sure it isn’t that hard.



One thought on “Contribute

  1. I graduated HS in 07 so I was in college when the crash happened. I started university but hated it so I dropped out 3 years later. I began day trading, forex with a few hundred dollars I saved at first then I moved on to stocks, futures, and commodities. It has been great for me, I am a technical analysis purist so crazy swings for no apparent reason are my forte. I even trade with a Bloomberg terminal now. Every Fiat dollar I make is used to buy gold. The American collapse is upon us.

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