old email

an email i sent to some friends that a buddy just sent me from a year ago.  guess i was as pissed off back then as i am now.  how long can a person stay this pissed off without fostering health issues? excuse the rambling

August 31, 2010


No more tunes?

Sorry it took me so long to reply to the political chat
here.  A few points and q’s:

Lemmon you prick.  ron paul is cool and all but he is still a
fuckbag republican you ass, therefore he is tacitly (like it or not) behind the
continued domination of the corporate backed two party system.  Look up
the banishment of the league of women voters debate series, post-ross perot and
his accurate ‘huge sucking sound of jobs going overseas’ performance. (that’s
right Callaghan, that douchbag Clinton whom we both voted for helped continue
this fifty year looting of our once great republic. Like his successors- a
corporate shill.)  the two parties have a much tighter hold on the
electoral process (through means stated above and cash donations from the
corporate powers that be) than the communist party ever had even under the iron
fist of stalin (save during the great purges of the thirties… that bloody dwarf
yezhov got what was coming to him?)  If ron paul had a half a shrunken old
sack he would gain enough momentum and run as a new breed after destroying from
the inside all the benefits the two parties (gangs) receive.  He would distance
himself from whitty’s bible thumping buddy glenn beck and his halfwit Wasilla
sidekick sarah, and say what the hell is wrong with you people?  This is
my party?  Fuck that!

Yes I am bitter.  I fell for the joke of history and
consented when asked two Novembers ago if I felt that this spry young man
could lead this dying country out of the rut guiding us off the cliff imperial

I put aside my hatred of the two party system even though
good hearted right wing zealots like my buddy whitty tried their best to talk
me off the cliff of good rhetoric (I am sure he pulled out the King James and
said a prayer or two for me and the future of this nation created in the name
of divine providence, he was told to by the crying meglo).

I looked up the contributions pre-election and was
unnerved by the monies donated by the likes of goldman, citigroup and jp, but
figured hey, maybe he’ll take their loot and fuck em’.  What the hell kind
of naïve political tool falls for that shit? A RACSIST THAT’S WHO!!!!  I
wake up at night in cold sweats wondering how I could be so duped -and finally
at three twenty two a.m. one night in a tizzy I went to my daughters room to
look in on her with panic in my heart wondering what this place will be like
when she is old and decrepit like me- I realized I was duped because I am a
rascist!  I wanted a black man to get elected during my lifetime, and
voted that way!  I am as racsist as david fucking duke!  I chose a
president the same way I would choose a fucking deck stain!  Especially if
that deck stain could read a teleprompter with great inflection!  FUCK ME!

Where did the rhetoric of the election go?  I spent hours
listening to FDR two months ago and what he had to say during the great
depression-  so impressed by how he called out the powers that be within
the elite community he belonged to and begged for their hatred.  THAT WAS
full of regret.

He is a corporate shill of the worst kind,  he pretends to
be for the little guy he once represented as a young community organizer but in
reality shoves his big flat designer shoe right onto their needy heads as he
grabs more contributions from the corporate trolls. (see health care ‘reform’)

We are fucked boys and the bottom line is the two party system
must be destroyed, and a prerequisite to this destruction would be a frontal
assault on corporate power, the banking elite, and the oligarchs.


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