jan 15 12

to whomever this concerns, i did not post your correspondence yesterday because i didn’t have my laptop on me and didn’t want to type this into my phone.  also, the plastic bag thing would be great, especially when it snows.


” thank you for providing a platform for our communication, and for your questions about our organization.

we are not limited to your specific area, though we do have more than a few members in your county.  there are people in all five states that are spreading the word and preparing for what we truly hope is a unnecessary exercise, but truth be told it is looking more and more likely by the day.  we communicate with each other person to person and via written correspondences using various delivery methods, postal, parcel and electronic.

we are not related to the state of jefferson movement, though it can be said that we are an evolutionary spin-off contemplating a much larger territory both physically and mentally.

as for the attempt to stay inconspicuous, we feel at this time that there is no benefit to going ‘mainstream’ with our views.  being marginalized is the only result of doing so. 

you will hopefully recognize, throughout this discovery process, that we are not a bunch of incredulous miscreants attempting to live out some fantasy game.  we are a group of determined, intelligent, men and women who are concerned and preparing for the inevitable.  we desire nothing more than the continuation of a liberty-minded model of governance if our fragile and damaged republic were to fall into economic chaos followed by a subsequent despotic response.”

we truly hope to remain obsolete


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