I am not sure if my information relays have been less than adequate.  but i have not received any communiques form the Republic lately.



i guess those in the ‘movement’ have been a little out of sorts due to the storms.  no letters as of yet


to the ‘letter carrier’ i am not a graphic artist and i do not have any clever programs to do as you asked on the sunday letter, but i did attempt recreating your ‘drawing’ on powerpoint.  the tree is black because it was the only fir-tree i could find in the insert image function.

this is a sketch of a flag that we are working on to represent our preparedness, if you feel so inclined print it out and display it.  we will begin an actual flag campaign after we finalize the design and can get a local/under the radar manufacturer to start reproduction.  please make digital version of it and post on site if possible’




jan 15 12

to whomever this concerns, i did not post your correspondence yesterday because i didn’t have my laptop on me and didn’t want to type this into my phone.  also, the plastic bag thing would be great, especially when it snows.


” thank you for providing a platform for our communication, and for your questions about our organization.

we are not limited to your specific area, though we do have more than a few members in your county.  there are people in all five states that are spreading the word and preparing for what we truly hope is a unnecessary exercise, but truth be told it is looking more and more likely by the day.  we communicate with each other person to person and via written correspondences using various delivery methods, postal, parcel and electronic.

we are not related to the state of jefferson movement, though it can be said that we are an evolutionary spin-off contemplating a much larger territory both physically and mentally.

as for the attempt to stay inconspicuous, we feel at this time that there is no benefit to going ‘mainstream’ with our views.  being marginalized is the only result of doing so. 

you will hopefully recognize, throughout this discovery process, that we are not a bunch of incredulous miscreants attempting to live out some fantasy game.  we are a group of determined, intelligent, men and women who are concerned and preparing for the inevitable.  we desire nothing more than the continuation of a liberty-minded model of governance if our fragile and damaged republic were to fall into economic chaos followed by a subsequent despotic response.”

we truly hope to remain obsolete

thursday letter

guess i may have offended some of you in this ‘movement’ by implying that i thought there may be a stalkish weirdness involved in my first meeting with your kind.  i apologize but need to be honest for a second.

some questions i feel the need to ask:

  • if you are just a preparatory movement (i.e. you are just preparing for ‘the inevitable fall of the empire’), why so clandestine?  there is nothing illegal or wrong with forming an organization that considers itself a support group of some sort in the event of an emergency situation.
  • due to the fact that i found a letter on my windshield in the parking lot this a.m. (try a plastic bag next time it froze to the glass) am i not being reasonable in thinking that this may just be a very, very localized thing?
  • i assume your folk only see what i write by going through other sites?  my blog is not exactly well read so i must assume that when i notice all past views have come from sites that i have posted the link on that you could very well be messing with me
  • are you related to the State of Jefferson movement of pre-WW2 fame?

so to keep my promise (for now), i will post verbatim what your letter said this morning.

this is reproduced verbatim so as to not offend:

‘you will receive a correspondence from time to time and we would appreciate if you would copy it to your site in a complete manner.  if you deem any info unsettling we understand if you censor said info, but we may repeat it in the next correspondence if we deem necessary.

we are not linking you to us in the slightest bit except for the fact that you are a voluntary outlet

we are not revolutionaries, but prefer to call ourselves eventualists, who see that what we are doing is purely preparatory.  we are convinced that the proverbial shit will hit the fan at some point within the next ten years and want to be able to help the citizens of our five present states pick up the pieces and form a new republic

we believe the founding fathers of the American experiment were an important part of human societal evolution and the majority of their intentions and constructs need to be preserved within a republic founded on the principles they set forth.  modified only in the sense that societies change but philosophical intent must be embraced and protected.

there are various academics who have been involved in our movement since the financial collapse started, and even though it is purely a hypothetical exercise, they have begun a civilization-like gaming experiment, setting forth ideas on republican governance and constitutional building scenario based on the original founding documents

we chose our potential footprint for the republic (the present states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming), for geographic, ideological, and strategic reasons that we will explain if this correspondence evolves

we will elaborate if you are interested in being a conduit.  if you post this we will assume consent

we are the Republic of Jefferson.’

the contact

havent posted in months.  not much new concerning the american dream.

but did have a new development pop up.  an odd contact with someone who said they read my blog.  how they knew i even had a blog is beyond me.  this person approached me at a local gas station and i was a little weirded out.  i told him he must be mistaken and he replied, ‘nope, you are the madbuilder.  someone i know said that you were the contractor on the house that the picture on your blog was taken’.

i replied,’ but i just found that picture and stuck it up there’

‘doubtful’ he said. ‘we want you to be our mouthpiece, we  are preparing.’

i got quite nervous and it must have been pretty obvious because he continued and i will paraphrase his remarks because i  cant say i have the ability to remember his remarks verbatim, and i dont doubt the dude will find me and let me know if i misrepresented his comments.  i can honestly say i dont know why i am even writing this except for the fact that it was an interesting conversation that i admit i got sucked into.

the guy told me in an intelligent, even tone that shed my fears of his potential paranoia that he and many others believed (like so many others, sometimes myself) that the American republic is falling.  i live in a small mountain town where i hear this a lot, usually from the obama-fearing-right-wing-tea-partiers that think we will be fine as long as a republican is elected president, which i agree is a joke.  he then went on to describe the bipartisan corporatism, military industrial complex, and finacial industry as the culprits.  he was basically throwing out the meme of a combined OWS and Tea Party nexus that many feel to be the backbone of a Ron Paul movement ideology.  the difference according to him was that therse movements are most likely useless and that america is done.  the ‘movement’ he is involved in is preparing for this, but according to him, ‘IN NO WAY INTERESTED IN REVOLUTION’  (exclamations reflecting adamancy).

what they want is to be prepared to ‘unite the northwest when the inevitable (according to him) fall of the empire occurs’.  ‘establishing a new, smaller, feasible republic.  formed by combining the current statehoods of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

this creeped me out  alittle since i knew at this moment that this guy or someone he knows in fact did see my blogname pop up somewhere.  i made a post on zerohedge some time back saying (innocently) that maybe we in these five states should secceed form the union.  i was just being dramatic.  i told him about this post and he said that the plans were already being made, but it was not going to a seccesstion, it was going to be a wait and prepare for the inevitable situation.

i figure they linked to my blog after they read my posts on ZH (where i have linked my blog in the past- i know shameless PR) and there was a point where i mistakenly used my name on my blog and changed it a day later when i realized it. so they didnt have to be Columbo to figure it out i guess.  trust me i know this sounds fucking dumb.  regular secret service wanna-be shit, but i said for the time being i would throw out a tidbit here and there because in all honesty it isnt that far fetched-  being prepared is smarter than being ignorant.

i hope nothing comes of it and that things get straightened out though i do doubt it.  from this point on if i get some weird bastard comes up to me talking straight, i will post it but do not want to get my sorry ass thrown into gitmo, and if you start talking less preparaton and more revoltion i’m not your mouthpiece anymore.  got it?

company update

one more month of breaking even.  made it through August with a skeleton crew and broke even.  work looking slim for september though.  rumor has it there is a small wave of very expensive homes coming online in the next month though.  the aristocracy is looking to move to the mountains in droves supposedly -as if they haven’t already been.  i guess i didn’t rub enough elbows in  the higher-end markets (our average cost of home-built since the crash was only $1mil!, but it seems the $5-10mil folk are the only active types now- a-days)  and may be paying for it in the coming months.